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Kristin Rosenthal, MA, LPC

Kristin Rosenthal, MA, LPC More about Kris Rosenthal

Kristin Rosenthal, MA, LPC Founder of Mount Vernon Family Therapy Associates

You will find all of us are dedicated to effective, compassionate counseling. Each of us has advanced education in counseling, with practical experience in a wide variety of settings.  We help you define the changes you want to make, and help you develop the knowledge and techniques to do that.

Maria Anastasiou, MA, LMFT

Couples and Family Therapy

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Jennifer Rick MS

Jennifer Rick, MS

Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy

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Jamie West MS

Jamie West, PhD

Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy

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Sarah Leffler LCSW

Sarah Leffler, LCSW

Couples and Individual Therapy

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Kit Gray, MS Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy

Kit Gray, MA

Resident Marriage and Family Therapy

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