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Imperfect parent

How You Can Be Imperfect AND be a Great Parent

A huge challenge for parents is knowing how help when children make mistakes. A parent’s support, especially when things don’t go well, fosters the self-worth and self-compassion it takes to learn from what happened. I recently watched my brother coach his kids on riding new curved walls on their skateboards. There wereRead More

Love is like a safe harbor for you and your partner

Finding Safe Passage to Emotional Connection

What are we looking for in our most important relationships? It’s that feeling of a safe, dependable, steady connection with another person. It helps us stay on an even keel despite whatever is going on around us. What we’re looking for — what we are wired for — is secureRead More

Strong relationships

How Stronger Relationships Make a Stronger Self

Growing up did you hear any advice like this? “Don’t depend on others for your happiness.” “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” “You’ve got to learn to stand on your own two feet.” Being independent is a source of pride for many of us. It’s woven intoRead More