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open-hearted living

Transform Your Daily Stress into Happier, More Open-Hearted Living

Recently, we asked ourselves, what is the best thing we can do to help you? And we decided to do something unusual and bold to support you. We are very excited to offer you high quality one-on-one biofeedback sessions completely free. Learn a Powerful Stress Management Practice Free (until DecemberRead More

Holiday Decorating from the Heart

#4. Tips for Holiday Decor From the Heart

When You Want Decorating Bliss Don’t compete with Martha Stewart, (or anyone you know) for best-dressed house, table, or cookie tray. Do find the heart in the holidays. Ask and answer what touches you the most to display or offer. From the series: 11 Ways Holiday Stress Ruins Relationships, andRead More

When you want to make the holidays fun for everyone

Holiday Fun When ‘We Don’t Like the Same Things’

#3. When You Want Holiday Plans to be Fun for Everyone Don’t rely on your assumptions about what everyone really needs or wants. DO… talk a few times beforehand about what your loved ones really enjoy about the holidays, family time, winter break. Why This Works… What’s important to you aboutRead More