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5 Emotional Signals a Relationship Needs Help

When you and your loved one said ‘I do’, you already knew that marriage would take hard work. But you saw something special and important in your love. Every couple has their ups, downs and rough patches. You planned to work through them together. You may not have known thenRead More


Five Favorite Findings About Healthy Relationships

Many of us hope the new year will find us growing closer and more secure in our relationships. If you are taking time to think about the kind of partnership you want to build, and what you personally can bring to it — what a wonderful gift.  Your thoughtful attention isRead More

10 ways healthy couples fight fair

10 Healthy Ways Partners Fight Fair

10 Warnings Signs that Arguing is Hurting Your Relationship and What to Do About It As we grow up, each of us learns that there are many ways to approach an argument. We can fight — persist, badger and raise the volume — until we get our way. We canRead More

5 tips for arguing with love

5 Love-Saving Tips When Arguing With Your Partner

Arguing with your partner can really hurt. Handled one way, it can cause pain and injury. But handled another, something beautiful and tender may unfold. It depends on how you go about arguing with your partner. When an important issue raises your different views on any matter — money, parenting,Read More

accepting differences

A Science-Based Secret to Resolving Differences with Your Partner

He works long hours; she wants him home for dinner as a family. He likes their place tidy; she forgets to put things away. She wants to hear what he’s thinking; he’s mum. Couples can fight about almost anything. What matters to their overall happiness is how they learn toRead More