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Holiday Decorating from the Heart

#4. Tips for Holiday Decor From the Heart

Holiday Decorating from the HeartWhen You Want Decorating Bliss

  • Don’t compete with Martha Stewart, (or anyone you know) for best-dressed house, table, or cookie tray.
  • Do find the heart in the holidays. Ask and answer what touches you the most to display or offer.

Meaningful Holiday Decor

Some of us may have a desire to leave family and friends breathless with spectacular holiday decor. That’s okay if it brings you joy!

But what if going all out just isn’t something you’re up for this year? Does it suit you to display one or two items you’ve put out before? Does your partner or your family want to expand on the decorations more than you’re used to?

An article on simplifying holiday celebrations, by Allison Vestervelt, inspires these three tips for minimal but meaningful decorations.

  • Remember, there’s no “right way” to do it: The good news is, there’s no wrong way and no right way to decorate for the holidays. There’s a great opportunity for
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