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Holiday Decorating from the Heart

#4. Tips for Holiday Decor From the Heart

Holiday Decorating from the HeartWhen You Want Decorating Bliss

  • Don’t compete with Martha Stewart, (or anyone you know) for best-dressed house, table, or cookie tray.
  • Do find the heart in the holidays. Ask and answer what touches you the most to display or offer.

Meaningful Holiday Decor

Some of us may have a desire to leave family and friends breathless with spectacular holiday decor. That’s okay if it brings you joy!

But what if going all out just isn’t something you’re up for this year? Does it suit you to display one or two items you’ve put out before? Does your partner or your family want to expand on the decorations more than you’re used to?

An article on simplifying holiday celebrations, by Allison Vestervelt, inspires these three tips for minimal but meaningful decorations.

  • Remember, there’s no “right way” to do it: The good news is, there’s no wrong way and no right way to decorate for the holidays. There’s a great opportunity for
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When you want to make the holidays fun for everyone

Holiday Fun When ‘We Don’t Like the Same Things’

holiday stress: we don't like the same things

#3. When You Want Holiday Plans to be Fun for Everyone

  • Don’t rely on your assumptions about what everyone really needs or wants.
  • DO… talk a few times beforehand about what your loved ones really enjoy about the holidays, family time, winter break.

Why This Works…

What’s important to you about celebrating the holidays? It has probably changed over time! In the beginning, you and your partner may have delighted in getting your kids that special gift they were most longing for. And because the kids were open about what they wanted, agreeing between the two of you was easy! But now, if everyone’s grown and changed, and making other people happy isn’t as simple as buying them things.

You’ve come to realize, too, that you can’t really control other people’s feelings. Happiness is an ‘inside job,’ as the saying goes.

Maybe now, you’re seeing the time together as more of a chance to help your family members bond with each other. Maybe you’d like to experience each other’s sense of fun. You want to … Come Read the Rest

Surviving the Holidays with those Crazy Family Members: 8 Ways to Avoid Trouble and Enjoy Yourself More

The holidays can be a stressful and disruptive time, especially if you plan to visit family. Enjoying time with relatives is important to you, but you may dread being around a certain people, or being hounded or nagged. You don’t want this to ruin your celebration.

With family, there is no way you can completely avoid situations that make you feel upset or horribly awkward. But there are 8 ways to approach them with more of your calm and self-confidence intact.

1) Understand Your Body’s Role in the Stress Experience

Your body’s natural stress response is the first thing you must deal with before you even face a relative. Your body’s natural defense system will unleash an array of hormones to prepare your for fight or flight. Your heart will pound, and your stomach may do flip-flops as your digestive system shuts down. You may feel your knees tremble, your hands may turn cold, your jaw will set and your muscles will tense, even before you enter a situation that is trouble for you. Being … Come Read the Rest