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5 Ways to Grow, Heal and Find Strength Using Self-Compassion

Imagine you’ve just finished a job interview. You really want this job. But, as you leave the room, the emotional storm begins. You start thinking of all the reasons why you won’t get chosen.

“I bet I looked nervous. I had to explain why I was let go from my last job. I’ve put on all this weight….”

You endure a barrage of negative thoughts for a while. If you can relate to this way of talking to yourself, you’re not alone.

Everyone struggles in life. We face financial problems, work problems, and relationship issues. Sometimes we worry about how we compare to others. Painful inadequacy wells up from time to time. But some of us handle the negative self-talk more easily than others.

Does having life challenges mean we must always feel badly about ourselves? Absolutely not.

Tough times don’t need to leave us feeling stuck or down on ourselves. Armed with the right tools, we can meet challenges to our self-esteem, and feel more secure in our relationships and ourselves, by building a … Come Read the Rest