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Surviving the Holidays with those Crazy Family Members: 8 Ways to Avoid Trouble and Enjoy Yourself More

The holidays can be a stressful and disruptive time, especially if you plan to visit family. Enjoying time with relatives is important to you, but you may dread being around a certain people, or being hounded or nagged. You don’t want this to ruin your celebration.

With family, there is no way you can completely avoid situations that make you feel upset or horribly awkward. But there are 8 ways to approach them with more of your calm and self-confidence intact.

1) Understand Your Body’s Role in the Stress Experience

Your body’s natural stress response is the first thing you must deal with before you even face a relative. Your body’s natural defense system will unleash an array of hormones to prepare your for fight or flight. Your heart will pound, and your stomach may do flip-flops as your digestive system shuts down. You may feel your knees tremble, your hands may turn cold, your jaw will set and your muscles will tense, even before you enter a situation that is trouble for you. Being … Come Read the Rest